Where Web Copywriters Work: High Tech Office to Makeshift Work Spaces

laptop with breakfast and business newsWeb copywriters work from anywhere and everywhere. Many work for companies in-house where they are required to collaborate with web designers, editors, clients, product developers, content developers and any of a spectrum of closely related professionals.

Telecommuters work remotely wherever we have access to a computer and an Internet connection. Many are self-employed, others employees of companies, both possibly in short- and long-term contracts.

Freelance web writers do both—in-house contract work, sometimes to-hire; or telecommute.

Remote Web Writer

It was only around 2002/2003 that the first wireless-enabled laptop computers became available and WiFi hotspots were a rare find. It was a good example of an end product created in anticipation of a super-infrastructure—and the bet worked. I remember a T.V. ad or two that popped up and featured business professionals sitting seaside with their laptops, working remotely. I envied them—and that was the point. The message was: work wherever your heart desires, or turn work into enjoyment and take it outside the office box.

At the time working remotely was a luxury not available to every web writer and wireless connectivity was hardly a household utility. A lot can happen in a few Internet-years: now nearly every street corner is a WiFi hotspot, broadband wireless has gone mainstream, and laptops are affordable.

The WiFi – Coffeehouse Connection

We are in the thick of The Age of Remote Connectivity, mobile computation and communication. We’ve nearly forgotten what it was like before wireless-with-our-daily-latte.

If you’re a web content writer with a laptop you likely have worked from a remote location—a site outside your home office or business place. WiFi “hotspots” are now fairly commonplace. Most coffee shops and airports are predictable wifi hotspots and offer a freedom you just can’t get anywhere else when you really are pressed to get writing work done, traveling, between work and home, or when you’re moonlighting for extra writing cash.

I’ve worked successfully on writing projects from a coffee shop, from numerous hotel rooms, on-the-road, hotel room balcony on the beach, a rickety picnic table in my sister’s backyard, and even uncomfortably hunched in a corner of a bedroom…all paid work delivered from very non-traditional work environments. How great is that?!

Go, write, connect...and prosper anywhere.