The Business of Web Copywriting

Writing for the web is different in so many ways from writing for print:

Print is static
Web is dynamic

BUT web copy in all its many forms, still shares some of the same ingredients as its 19th century serial novel kinfolk.

Web writing is very forgiving. Need to update, correct information errors, typos and even redesign entire websites? In an online environment, it’s a fairly quick fix. But the work of web copy covers much more than the text used to flesh out a webpage. Web copywriters mold text and content into a variety of forms:

Your biggest challenge as a web copywriter? Ensuring you appeal to your readers, customers, clients, and audience using strategies and techniques that keep them hungry for more.

Buzz and Viral Marketing Then and Now

Once upon a time on a peat bog in 19th century literature, content was designed much like a page ripped right out of a novel penned by Jane Austen or Dickens or Twain.

People gobbled it up voraciously, those that could read, anyway. They couldn’t get enough. It was like National Enquirer or People magazine to that crowd.

Back then, life…moved…very…slowly…compared….to….today. Analog vs Digital. In the literary vacuum anyone that could read plowed quite agilely through an Austen novel. How did they do that? No page decoration, no copy ploys to attract the eye and strategically lead you down the page.

Johnny can’t read 19th century novels anymore.

As “dry” as you might consider Wuthering Heights or Bleak House as viewed from your 21st century digital perspective, the 19th century literary world shared some of the same writing techniques and marketing strategies that confound modern web content writers.

Buzz and viral marketing are ancient literary marketing techniques. Professional web copywriters continue to do battle with the same, hundreds of years later.

Find out what Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and other literary legends knew about “buzz” and viral marketing and why the tactics still work so well in our lightning-fast, 21st century web copy world.