Sample Web Copy Rates and Fees

There is a skill to setting your copywriting fees and rates that can help determine whether you’ll earn more or less. Price setting, in web copywriting or in any business arena, is an integral part of the negotiation process.

Experts in psychology and economics have delved into the minds of subjects in buyer and seller roles and unraveled some of the most befuddling riddles, such as “Why do most people, even those who insist they are sensible and savvy negotiators, make seemingly irrational buy and sell choices in many situations?” It’s all about the price anchor.

Sample Rates and Fee Ranges Popular Among Web Copywriters

A mouth-watering selection of the various fees that professional and seasoned online copywriters are asking:

Webpage copy : $10 - $1000 / page (a page of webcopy is commonly considered ~350 minimum); The $10 range you can find on eLance, WriterLance, and Guru. Other fee schedules look more like $250-$350/page and some writers build in per/page discounts for large website projects.

Press Release: $300 - $500

Feature Article: $350 - $1500, depends upon technical level; some may price per word, ie $.25 - $.50/word.

Sales Letter: $350 - $6,000 and up; copywriters whose letters are known to pull in big sales may also build in royalty agreements on top of their writing fees.

Landing Page: $100 - $4,000, depending upon length and page goal.

Package Deals

Some web copywriters make volume writing deals more attractive with special prices or volume discounts: small business websites ($2000 - $5,000), and informational micro-sites ($500 - $1,000), or landing page type micro-sites ($2,000 - $9,000 or by the page).

Structuring web copy rates and fees is a common subject covered in copywriting courses and freelance copywriting books and seminars. You can also figure out your own rates over time using simple A/B testing models.

Remember, the above web copy rates and fees are only samples drawn from a broad spectrum of experienced copywriters. If you’re just starting out it’s a little absurd, for example, to expect $6,000 for a sales letter. Best advice: build your portfolio, nurture client relationships and professional connections, and your online reputation will grow along with your income.

Would you like to learn more about the complexities of the pricing game? Read the book Priceless, by William Poundstone. It reveals, “The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It).” Visit The Copywriter’s Kitchen book list for more essential reference sources.