Setting Fees for Your Web Content Writing Services

What should you charge a client asking you to draft 10 pages of web copy? 50 pages?
What about a sales letter?
A landing page?
A long feature article?
What can you expect to earn as an annual salary?

Questions like these are best answered with a fee schedule or a pricing sheet, as well as a professional web copywriting contract.

Salary Surveys Say….

According to the 2008 AIGA Salary Survey, a copywriter could earn between $30,000 and $85,000 annually. That depends on the following equation:

Geographic region + type of organization (the survey doesn’t include web development companies) + size of organization + client base (local/regional, national, international) = SALARY

You might begin to see how each of these variables could drive your copywriting salary up or down. Many of these copywriters also work with ad agencies, which typically offer some of the higher writing salaries along with writers in consulting agencies. So these are writers not exclusively engaged in web-copywriting.

Annual salary may not be exactly what you need to know. Freelance writers work according to project fees, which means depending upon the types of jobs you secure in a year you might imagine how you increase your salary sharply should you dominate a niche market or target a high-demand, high paying type of copy project.

See sample fees and rates for common web copy products and services.