PPC Recipes for Web Copywriters – Page Copy that Cooks

Most professional web copywriters are not pay-per-click “gurus.” We spend time doing what we do best, which is writing web copy that meets certain goals. However, pay-per-click advertising comes our way, whether we like it or not:

You get the point.

Forget about the ad groups, forget about the cost per click, forget about the campaign management. Those may be components of PPC that don’t affect you unless you directly engage with the matter, but you cannot overlook the value in the webcopy-specific elements that are pulled directly from PPC:

Those elements of PPC campaigns are more than just tangential to the web copywriting business. They are crucial. I can’t even think of the last time I crafted web copy ANYTHING that didn’t require careful headlines, and headlines are one of the 4 essential lines of text included in an AdWords ad impression.

Web Copywriters with AdWords Savvy – Strategic Copy

If you’re fortunate enough to be a working web content writer with the added bonus of AdWords know-how then you most likely have realized the value of working design elements of the AdWords “haiku” into your web copy—maybe making sure to avoid negative keywords and paying closer attention to keywords that pack a higher Cost-Per-Click. Perhaps you’ve even strategically optimized page copy according to some AdWords orthodoxy.

If you can’t put your finger on how or why you would use these elements in your web copy then we have work to do because you’re missing most of your juice.

Find out how to start and maintain your own working list of keywords and phrases. Cure writers block, smack up “flat” copy and have a never-ending go-to resource that’s worth money.