How Much Money Can You Earn Writing for the Web?

Money does make the web world go ‘round.

If you’ve launched a part-time freelance writing biz or a fulltime freelance web content business then your cash flow is a priority. What can you expect to earn part-time or full-time, and should you charge by the word or by the hour?

The basic tools of a pro freelancer - What you need to become a web content writer:

Not much to launch a potentially serious part-time or even full-time online writing business. You could have a brand new desktop PC for no more than $400. You could even have a fully-equipped laptop for not much more than that. (Learn how to slash your writing expenses when you do your taxes next year.)

But how much money can you make writing web copy?

Web content writing is so unrestricted and with few quality standards. Plenty of websites are populated with so-so writing that cost very little to have a writer churn out. For many writers the question becomes:

How much am I willing to work/write for? How low can I bid and still feel as though I’m making a day’s wages, minimum wage?

When you interact with freelance sites like or—two of the popular freelance sites—you’ll discover fast just how low some “writers” are willing to go with their bids, as well as how little many buyers are willing to “budget” for a web copy project. Competition in the web content realm is fierce so fortify yourself.

When you’re starting out it’s pretty standard to set your earning sights low, until you’ve gained a bit of experience in the sector and build some writing chops, some web credibility:

These components come with experience and growing your business. Start to amass any of the above and you can steadily increase your earning expectations, build a referral client base, and compound everything.

Start to ask yourself some questions, the answers to which will begin to shape your business direction and goals:

Survey Your Portfolio and Capitalize on Higher Dollar Copy Services

Standard, informational web page copy goes cheap. Some foreign writers are willing to crank out web content for less than the price of a McDonalds Happy Meal. Most of the time this type of web copy is grammatically stunted, awkward, and clearly a quickie “braindump.”

Re-evaluate your writing portfolio frequently and make sure to add your best most current samples you’d be proud to show anyone. What types of web copy are most bankable and in-demand? And do you have any samples with which you may market to a particular niche and leverage a fatter business cash-flow?

These are some of the types of web copy services and products that usually cost much more to produce than everyday informational web page copy simply because they demand more copy expertise. Success with writing landing pages, sales copy, link bait, etc that deliver results requires you to possess much deeper knowledge of a particular industry niche, Internet Marketing business, affiliate marketing needs, basics of selling, competent research skills, content design, SEO skills, and generally excellent writing skills.

Many big-league web copywriters with reputations behind them and measured results to back them up bank thousands of dollars for just one landing page.

So, how much can you earn writing web content?

Answered with a question:

What’s in your writing portfolio and who have you made happy?

Reading List:

Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time, Maria Veloso
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