Here’s what you do when you don’t have an official home “office.”

Right now I’m writing this hunched over my laptop on a friend’s coffee table. It’s 7:30 a.m., raining outside and I’m in my pajamas. The Weather Channel is on and a dog is stretched out on the couch behind me. Less than optimal conditions you think? I couldn’t be luckier, I think to myself. Later on I’ll be tired of sitting hunched over and I’ll stand and work at the kitchen counter, instead. But I WILL be working.

Point is—if you’re a working web writer or trying to break in, no excuses about places to work, work environment, or accessibility will hold you back. If necessary you’ll learn how to tune out the background noise, get used to it—it’s everywhere. Yes, it’s romantic to imagine yourself writing from a secluded cabin in the woods or from the porch of a beach house where you can take in the fresh salt air. If you’re waiting for that type of situation or environment to come your way before you write then you’re missing out on good business and good writing time.

Create mini-work environments, even if you claim a corner of the couch and the coffee table, or a workbench in the garage.

I enjoy working in or near the kitchen, thus the inspiration for this site. I only need enough space for my laptop, notebook and a cup of coffee. And I clean up pretty easily.

If you’re still struggling to get writing work done then we need to chat about procrastination and self-discipline for web copywriters. I wrestle with it, too…