Writing Content for Landing Pages: Three Rules

If this is the link to your landing page--

Write Landing Pages That Sell
3 bullet-proof strategies…

--the headline on your LP should be almost an exact match to “Write Landing Pages That Sell.” Why? This is the pre-qualify key. You’ve targeted your audience—they’ve clicked through to your lander based on that pitch/headline. Now you need to give them exactly what they came looking for….”3 bullet-proof strategies.”

You have a brief few seconds to deliver the goods and make them want to read further before your prospective customer is gone, clicks away to another page, back to search results and a competitor whose hired copywriter has crafted and delivered the sales pitch better. You’ve lost a satisfied copy customer on that…

2. Write only what it takes to create the conversion:

Landing pages may be short or long and often that depends on what type of commitment you’re ultimately looking to get from your customer—email opt-in, cash purchase, etc. Once you know your client wants LP copy, educate him or her on the value of testing, often called A/B testing. Testing various versions of a landing page, even seemingly insignificant variations, can deliver quite different conversion results or metrics. Here are some testing options:

3. Understand the language you use ultimately leverages your conversions.

You can use it as part of the testing process, but language is a huge concept in LP copy. You must have an intimate knowledge of the English language, understand the power of words, the images that words evoke and how language can fuel human motivation. In general the LP copy must be well-written and match the audience (Who) and their needs (Why? motivation). You don’t need to write scholarly English, but your copy must be free from blatant errors in spelling and grammar unless you are intentionally crafting it to be so as part of your sales message.

Strengthen Your Copywriting Resume with Proven Landing Page Conversions

Writing landing pages is possibly one of the most intriguing forms of web copy AND the skill of Landing Page writing can generate much more income for your business. If you like selling, marketing, piecing together copy elements, exploring what motivates humans to act, and you love language, you’ll likely excel at writing landing pages.

Best advice: learn everything you can about landing pages. Find out what works and what doesn’t, test, and test again. Ask clients to provide you with conversion data. This is important if you want to build a client base for the landing page niche in your business. Internet Marketers (IMs) want to know up front before they hire you what kind of cash flow your copy has generated for others’ online businesses, so boast proudly of your past LP conversions.

Reading List:

The Landing Page Handbook, Marketing Sherpa