How You Can Deliver the Targeted Copy Your Clients Need to Earn Money Online

Any web copywriter not savvy to keywords is missing their clients’ chief target—customers.

When you write web copy for someone you need to know what the ideal customer—the one most likely to click a buy button or put their name and email address into a lead-gen form—is specifically looking for. Otherwise you’re flying blind and grabbing at straws.

Use keyword tools to win clients when you:

The Keyword Tools

Wordtracker – one of the most popular of the keyword tools. The free version gives you up to 100 results; but the Pro version gives you ALL, which in some highly competitive markets could translate into cash-generating long-tail terms. AFFILIATE

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – you don’t have to actively be managing an AdWords campaign to take advantage of this powerful external keyword generator. Use it when you need to know popularity and going click rate for one of your keywords.

Google Insights – nice tool for exploring the search traffic for certain terms; compare and contrast up to 3 terms against each other and get a supplemental list of “rising” terms. – best use of Compete is via the Pro or paid version. The free version lets you compare the site traffic of up to 3 competing websites and gives you the top 3 or 4 keywords driving traffic. Free is not very comprehensive.

SEM Rush - potent tool that goes well beyond keywords. Explore AdSense ads on competitors’ sites, competing keywords, SEO traffic; Free versions (very limited daily queries), monthly subscription, and versions to fit novice to Enterprise and Pros that need mega amounts of traffic, SEO keyword and competitor info…like, yesterday.

SEOBook Keyword Tool – Aaron Wall, SEOBook guru long ago started pulling together the most useful keyword tools he could find on line and pieces them together in one spot on his blog site, so you don’t have to waste the time. (While you’re there, check out the SEObook members-only premium SEO training —he’s been in the biz for years, has been ripped off by other so-called gurus and has ninja SEO to teach.)

Keyword Discovery – give the Free Trial a whirl, but if you dig the power behind this you’ll need to subscribe.

Keyword Spy – take a trial, but the bigger version/pro version is paid,