Direct Response Copywriter

Direct marketing copywriters produce marketing and sales copy for print and online audiences. In the 21st century many, many copywriters are being called upon to write direct response for the web. Traditionally direct marketing copywriters worked in-house in ad agencies. Today the opportunities for freelance are abundant once you earn your chops for this genre of web writing.

Clients for DM Copywriting:

Here are some common direct response formats you might be asked to create for the web environment:

DM Copywriting Training

Few web copywriters can bang out great sales copy and other direct response materials right out of the gate. Most have quite a bit of experience under their belts that includes years of hard-won experience.

Today training for DM copywriters is widely available in the form of seminars, web-based courses, books, and conferences. If you wish to learn, you have many options available from inexpensive books you can pick up in a bookstore to copywriting seminars with world-class gurus that can set you back a few thousand dollars.

Finding Jobs and Clients

Get your name out there anyway you can. To be successful writing direct marketing copy for the web you will need to be a student of guerrilla marketing, especially if you’re pursuing freelance gigs.

Social media, blogging, your own website, are all chances to market yourself and your special services.

For jobs and clients your best bet is to use a few different or complimentary strategies, including: career websites like and, freelance bidding sites like, eLance and others.

Tip for getting clients quick: offer to write sales copy for a few clients and waive your fees. In lieu of cash you can ask for a glowing reference or testimonial if your client is happy with your work. You might also try just bidding a small token amount and again ask for a testimonial once you’ve delivered your copy.

Raise fees, fairly, once you gain experience AND begin to produce measurable results for your clients.