Learn to Be a Sales or Web Copywriter: Training and Courses

Two ways to break into sales and web copywriting: you can simply start writing and you can even do that with a free blog; or you can find courses and training that get you started and lead you along the way.

Either way, if your goal is to be a successful go-to copywriter you will learn… a LOT.

Brick and Mortar Copywriting Schools and Courses

Expect to find few colleges and universities that offer sales copywriting programs, unless the courses are related to advertising sales, and possibly none that offer courses in web copywriting or online copywriting. What you will find is journalism, marketing, communications, and creative writing degrees, all of which can get you a valuable education, but not any closer to your career goal.

The Art Institutes, AI, offer Advertising programs that include copywriting, along with ad production and account management training, so you get the whole package. This type of art school program prepares you for entry into the large ad industry, reputable and solid choice if this is what you’re after. Twenty AI campuses, from California to Massachusetts, offer the Advertising program and the Pittsburgh branch offers an online study option.

MediaBistro.com offers a slew of online and offline writing courses and seminars, including copywriting, novel and script writing, journalism courses, web copywriting for specific markets, and closely related courses and seminars on pitching to agents and selling your writing.

Also don’t overlook what your local community college has to offer. More and more are adding powerful business courses and it’s anybody’s guess if at some point they offer a copywriting or business writing course that may tickle your fancy and have meaning for you.

Online Copywriting Courses

AWAI, or American Writers and Artists Inc., promotes online copywriting courses heavily, most available as self-study online courses. A few very successful writers have studied with AWAI and gone on to build reputable copy careers and formidable client lists.

Guru Copywriting Training and Seminars

Most of the copywriting training and the courses you’ll find are through expert copywriters themselves. A-list sales copywriters like John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, and NLP guru Dr. Harlan Kilstein, regularly launch high-dollar programs that promise to get you writing copy that nets the big bucks. These programs, over which much hoopla ensues, also welcome online entrepreneurs interested in writing their own sales copy, as well.

If you’d like to plunder as many freebies as possible before you sink a big dime, then check out the following:

The best strategy for staying abreast of new copywriting courses and seminars with these guys is to sign up for their newsletters and subscribe to their blogs. But user testimonials attest to the quality of programs like these if you have the dollars to invest.

If you’d like to find out more about the Art Institutes Advertising copywriting programs.