Copywriting Jobs

Getting a job as a web copywriter is the ultimate goal. But how do you do that? How plentiful are web copywriting jobs? Can you work from home or do you need to look for jobs with a business, company or organization? Are you bound to certain geographic areas? Do certain areas of the country have more job opportunities for copywriters?

First, web copywriting jobs can be:

Some copywriters have worked under all conditions while others have made themselves comfortable in one of the above situations. For example, a freelance copywriter may enjoy her freedom so much that she would never consider an in-house writing job, and vice versa.

Freelance Web Copywriting Jobs

There are plentiful sources available when you are ready to search for freelance copywriting jobs. First you should maintain a resume somewhere online—either on one of the major resume and career sites like Monster or Sologig or even on your own blog or website. is one of the most popular and well-respected freelance distribution sites. Free and paid accounts are available, but the number of bids you can enter each month is limited with the free subscription. If you are willing to pay a bit of money each month you can expand your personal profile as well as submit many more bids. Remember to deduct these expenses from your business taxes.

Freelance listing sites are gaining ground and allow you to list your business based on geography. Some are subscription based and the more you are willing to pay the more “search” or directory placement you are awarded.

Finding Contract and Permanent Web Copywriting Jobs is a standard job search and career site. Freelance gigs are possible to find, but they are a bit more challenging to zero in on. Search for “telecommute” or “contract” jobs to be more complete. was an early option for web copywriters simply because you could search so easily. Resutls are fresh and organized geographically, making it pretty intuitive. However, CL has become a bit spam-ridden, so less an authoritative job finder for serious web copywriters. Even legitimate sounding job postings might end up being nothing more than a lead-generation ploy for something else entirely.

If you’re trying to find a job in-house then shopping for copywriting jobs geographically makes sense and it’s getting a lot easier to do this as Google and search engines begin to push the value of local search.

Look for jobs using local job hunting services, temp agencies, and recruiters, as well.