Exploring Copywriting Careers

Creating a career as a web copywriter can be as hardscrabble as it can be rewarding. The sky is the limit when it comes to carving out your particular niche(s) and making a name for yourself. Professional copywriters, depending upon specialty, have many choices including where to go to work: telecommute or permanent and in-house.

Many web copywriters begin their careers writing for a range of markets and niches:

and possibly in a variety of formats:

Specialized Copywriting Career Niches

Financial copywriters typically have experience or interest in the financial world. Some have worked in the market, continue to work in the market or have stacked up enough experience writing for this market that they become very sought after and successful. Knowledge of markets, investing, the stock markets, commodities, global finance and even economics are all valuable know-how to have if you’re tackling financial copywriting.

Medical copywriters work in a very specialized market. They could have education or professional experience in the industry or have a knack for communicating the technical nuances typical of medical copywriting. But in the 21st century writers are in higher demand for their abilities spin more accessible content for laymen and the medical niche would have this need.

Blog copywriting is wide open. Bloggers with the ability to spin newsworthy or compelling posts are in demand. Unfortunately these jobs are rarely full-time gigs, they are also abundant and the competition for them quite fierce. Successful blog copywriters usually possess specialized knowledge in a particular market giving them an edge in creating unique, insightful and cleverly crafted posts.

Copywriting careers are built of a few components: passion for writing, interest and/or experience in one or two niche markets and the ability to be responsive to constant change in the various markets.