Freelance Copywriting Contracts: How, What, and Why

It doesn’t matter if you’re a web copywriter, a sales or marketing copywriter or any other kind of freelance content writer—you need a contract that lays-out your general terms and details of a business agreement between yourself and a client--in plain English.

Already you may hear this little voice in your head whining: “I don’t really need a contract I have a good relationship with my clients,” or “I only write part-time so I don’t think I need anything that ‘official.’” Good for you—that’s a common error. Go with it if you want. But, when you get burned—and you WILL if you write professionally long enough—you will think twice about this contract idea. Whack that little copywriting devil right off your shoulder.

Your copywriting contract doesn’t have to be lengthy or legal-sounding. Mix and match from the important components of a freelance writing contract outlined below and write up a simple contract in Word or your word-processing program of choice. Simple as that and it is bound at some point to save you from losing money when a client screws you – and, unfortunately, it WILL happen.

Use copywriting contracts to leverage:

Truth is unless you square away a contract or your business terms with a new client then you’ve given them carte blanche to set their own terms.

Costly writer-client situations that could happen when you don’t have a contract in place:

Components of a Freelance Copywriting Contract

Here are some common business terms many copywriters include on their client contracts: