Get a Career as a Corporate and Business Web Copywriter

Companies and businesses have significant needs for writers schooled in web content and web copywriting. Opportunities exist for contractors and freelancers.

When you can land a job writing web content and copy for the corporate environment you have a potentially great job with good benefits and solid salary/wage. But if you think these types of writing jobs are abundant, think again.

Finding Corporate Writing Jobs

Freelance and contract web copy jobs are common with businesses and companies. Freelance opportunities tend to be short-term gigs while contracts are for long-term in-house projects, often between 4 and 8 months and with chances to go permanent. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Working in-house writing web content for a corporate client means you will face challenges common to these types of organizations. Decisions are not made quickly; you might take direction from corporate communications leaders with little web savvy making jobs even more unwieldy; and other unique situations.

Corporate communications is not the same as writing web content for a company. Most corporate communications departments have expanded to include web content services, some better than others.

Using Recruiters

Many companies shopping for web content writers secure the services of reputable recruiting companies to the do work for them.

Best bet is to stay abreast of the recruiting companies. Many large companies and corporations go straight to a reputable recruiting company when they have a defined project—like an intra- or internet renovation. Tips for finding a job as corporate web content writer:

Skills and Experience for Corporate Web Content and Copywriters

Corporate and business web writing jobs are not a dime a dozen and are not usually open to inexperienced writers or “lightly” experienced. Expect to see job requirements like the following:

Writing jobs available from businesses and corporations often come in the form of contract jobs, but can lead to permanent positions for well-qualified writers.