What To Do When Your Web Copy Business is Going Down the Drain?

Working broke.

Some people forget quickly what it's like to be a broke writer. "You gotta put out money to get money back," they say.

Really? And what if there is no money to put out?

The Final 50 Bucks

So you're down to like your last $50 and a couple pairs of decent clothes. If you had to go to a job interview right now you'd have to borrow a suit. You're tethered to your aging laptop and you know you have the skills it takes to become a very successful web copywriter. Paralysis is setting in. Fear is breaking you down and your commitment and motivation are on some psycho roller coaster ride.

What's a good next move that will help you regain your confidence and control?

Prepare a Backup Plan

1. Polish your resume. Make sure it's posted to the major job search engines. (tip: each time you edit and update your resume on Monster.com you'll notice it becomes heavily trafficked by recruiters.)

2. Start a recovery job search: Ask yourself: "If I needed to grab a job tomorrow, is there ample job opportunity right now or would I languish in joblessness for weeks, maybe months?" If the answer is months, consider applying aggressively for in-house jobs as well as freelance.

3. Get a good portfolio of your best writing work loaded onto a website, blog and/or a freelance job search site like eLance.com. Showcase your best and a variety of web styles and formats:

4. Start bidding for jobs. Expect that you'll have to bid low at first.

5. Blog your ass off. Promote your content and your skills when it's worthy.

6. Leverage a few social tools for networking and job-finding: LinkedIn and Twitter.

You'll quickly discover that almost as soon as you take a solid first step and then another that your confidence will recover quickly. Use this to your success.