About The Copywriters' Kitchen Website?

I've spent hours, literally, over the last few years combing online sources for a piece of information, a keyword tool, tips specific to my profession, the right laptop for a writer, how to manage my time, my legal rights as a web-based writer, resources for setting up a portfolio, and I could go on and on. I'm certain I'm not alone.

You could spend hours sorting through sources for information specific just to what a web writer does--The resources web copywriters need to be successful online are too scattered. Much of the details mixed into resources specific to what the SEO does or the web designer or the marketer.

There's a lot written for experienced, cash-solvent copywriters, but far less directed to those looking to "break-in" or struggling to make a freelance business fly.

The goal then of The Copywriters' Kitchen?

To assemble these disparate resources in one place and tend too to the more fragile aspects of a freelance writer's career and unique challenges--launching a new business, procrastination, cash-flow, and other stressors that can batter a potentially thriving business. And there's always that annoying shifting of the Internet sands with which to deal.

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