What's On the Menu

Whether you're a starving freelance web copywriter or comfortably settled into your web writing groove, The Copywriters' Kitchen dishes up meaty portions of how-tos, tutorials, essentials, tips and tricks, strategies and secret ingredients boiled down just for web copywriters.

Right now you cannot get enough of everything there is to know about writing for the web. The market changes daily and forking through all that stuff for just the information YOU need to make amazing web copy happen is seriously time-consuming. Here's what we have on the menu:

You get the idea. And there's a lot more where that came from.

We have carved away the goopy stuff you don't need to know--it's someone else's job. It's okay to just crank out the regular old web page content if that's what you do and you're just content with that. But if you're here because you want to be better than those other guys, you want to be the best in a small but lucrative web copy niche, then welcome. We want to be better, too.

Why “Kitchen?”

Everyone has the experience of "kitchen."

A kitchen is where almost everything in life happens in a totally delicious way. Everyone has experienced a kitchen sometime in their past or present. Maybe you have strong memories of your favorite Aunt's kitchen, or your kitchen during your kid years. Maybe you remember the kitchen table with dinner leftovers pushed out of the way so you could do your homework, or maybe you can still hear the laughter of family gatherings or the half-hushed discussions among adults over news, deaths, and gossip.

I remember the crackling of the kitchen AM radio. My father turned it on every morning at 6 a.m. The smell and sound of coffee brewing in the percolator on the gas stove.

The kitchen is no longer exclusively a place in which we cook and gather together. Witness the coming of age of The Food Network's popular show, Iron Chef, where kitchen becomes STADIUM, a sporting arena where the best chefs face off, like athletes armed with razor-sharp cutlery. This ain't June Cleaver's red and white checked napkin kitchen. Here is skill-building, bloodletting, professional treasure hunt, financial feast and famine--web know-how boiled down just for web copywriters--everything plus the kitchen sink.

Check out the grocery list of topics in the left-hand sidebar. Here are the staples you need to get some serious web copywriting going on.